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Service price list for 2013-14 (ex VAT)

Pricing examples

Accounts prices start at £450+ vat with 10% off for consultancies. Prices  are shown below for six different turnover bands. They are based on a limited company client with excellent computerised records operating online accounts(£0.5m-£1m,£1m-2.5m and £2.5m-£5m turnover bands available on application).

Turnover price (ex vat) per year from:-
£15 to £40k £675
£40k to £79k £850
£79k to £150k £1,050
£150 to £250k £1,400
£250k to £350k £1,750
£350k to £500k £2,100

Self employed/partnership  accounts prices Start from £250+ vat( up to £25k turnover) and go up to £350+vat (£25 to £50k),£500+ vat (£50k to £75k) and £800+ vat (£75k to £150k) respectively.

NB There is 20% off the above prices for records received by july 31st  but £100+ vat is added for paperwork received after september 30th( £200+ vat for £75k-£150k) in any given tax year. 

Note: using  an online accounting option will ensure that your basic accounts price ( apart from any bookkeeping entries required ) relects a lower complexity point of the respective turnover band you fall into thereby reducing your accounts charges..

Please contact Matthews Business Associates on 020 8337 0775 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), if you would like to find out more about how we can help you or your organisation.

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