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Our checklists will improve business efficiency and help you to start saving tax.

Business checklist

Want an easy way to start saving tax and improve business efficiency right now? Then download our handy business checklists.

We’ve designed them to be quick and easy guides to help you improve how you do business.  Efficiency is the message in each checklist because if you aren’t working smart you could miss ways to save money.

Our checklists cover four areas – profit, accounting, record keeping, and starting a business. Use them to start saving tax, resources, and money by implementing sound business efficiency into your company.


Quick and easy guides

Starting a business

This thorough checklist leads you through the main stages of setting up a company. It will give you a good foundation for an efficient, wellrun business that’s both compliant and profitable. Download PDF document

Best practice record keeping

Are you properly recording all expenditure for your business? Efficiency in this area leads to better accounts and that means you could start saving tax and become more profitable. Download PDF document


Best practice accounting

Identify whether your current system covers everything you need for optimum business efficiency. Remember, a thorough accounting process gives information that could make your business prosper, including ways of saving tax. Download PDF document

Areas for potential profit

Improve business efficiency by checking if you have identified areas that could make you more profitable. It’s a good opportunity to review some of your processes. Download PDF document


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